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Brooklyn Vennell

For 20 years I knew I was transgender but I just couldn't bring myself to admit it. I come from a generation where men don't show emotion and they certainly don't want to become a woman. I was scared and I was sad. I couldn't be who I really wanted to be and it was tearing my world apart. A great anger grew in me and I would lash out at people for no reason at all. It's hard to live that way and eventually something needed to change.


Through encouragement from very close trusted friends I was slowly encouraged to be me. It still wasn't enough. I was scared. So scared that I continued to hide and be miserable. Finally one day I decided that I needed to get away and I made a solo trip to Yellowstone National Park to be alone with my thoughts and to hold the white noise at bay. It was on that trip with all that natural beauty surrounding me that I decided that it was time to come out. It was a decision that has changed my life in just about every way you can imagine.


When I returned home I made an appointment to see my doctor and nervously told her that I wanted to transition. Things quickly moved along and after meeting with an endocrinologist  I was prescribed hormone replacement therapy and my journey began. I sought out a therapist to help me through this tough time and while talking to her it became clear that I needed to come out full time. I was dressing at home and going out but I wasn't out at my work. That was the single hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I was employed there for 17 years and these people were my family.


I began that announcement by first doing a lot of research and finding as much info about my rights and what I needed to do. When the day came to finally tell my boss it was horrifying and a relief. I quickly found out that they were very supportive but they had no idea what to do either. I basically had to coach them  through it all. I did have a very good experience but it planted a seed. Do other trans people have the same experience as me?


So the idea was born to help as many trans people I could. I am on a mission to educate companies on helping their employees through this process and what they need to do to prepare their workforce for it. All that I want to do is educate and inspire people so that they know that trans people are people too. If I can help in this way I feel that I will complete the mission of my life.


Now I want to help even more people. Because of this journey I have learned a lot about my self and what it means to be happy. I now know that being authentic and true to yourself is key.  Most people walk around in this world doing what society tells them is the only way to do things. They try to live up to what they are told they should be like. They completely miss out on the happiness of being human and unique. Nobody gets to tell you how to live your life or what you should be like. Fear is a big factor but so is education and support. With my experience let me inspire you to be happy, authentic and free.