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Transgender Worker Integration


Why do you need my services?


• Bill C-16 Passed giving transgender people protections under the Canada Bill of Rights.

• There are approximately 7 million LGBTQ people in Canada

• I will teach you how to relate and properly manage a transgender worker.

• It will present your company as progressive in creating an inclusive work place.

• I will educate you on transgender terms and phrases.

• I will show you steps to prepare you for a current worker to “come out” as transgender.

• I will show you how to prepare your company to hire your first transgender person.

• You will receive assistance in writing policies on transgender workers.

• I will offer you help to mediate a transgender worker being harassed.

• My coming out story and history as a transgender woman will give you great insights into a transgender person.

• I will do a presentation for your workforce to educate them about transgender people.

What could happen if you do not use my services?


• Opens up your company to the possibility of litigation from a transgender worker or

   job seeker.

• A transgender worker will come out in your company eventually as the transgender

   population grows.

• Your company could be seen as not being human rights friendly.

• Allows a negative human rights attitude to grow in your workforce.

• You could miss out on talented people that could help your company to grow.

• You will be playing catch up when the government introduces more legislation.


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