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Need help to come out at work?


Coming out as transgender was hard. It was harder for me to come out at work. I had worked with these people for 17 years. They were a lot like family to me. I eventually took a leave of absence until I could come to terms with what I had to do. I had to do all the research so that I could educate them and protect myself. It was a bit overwhelming and I wish that I had someone to coach me through it.


I am here to tell you that you can do this! I have started this company to help corporations prepare for people like yourself to come out. But also because I want to help you personally. I will coach you through the steps that you need to do to prepare yourself and show you how to reach out to your company. I will explain your rights and give you the confidence to know that this may be scary now but there is a lot of happiness coming your way soon. I can educate you about endocrinologists and therapists to help with your transition too. You are not alone and I will make sure that you are successful and living and authentic life from here forward.

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